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Stop A Flaming Fire Instantly!

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Fire Extinguisher Ball

Instantly Stop A House Fire In Seconds

  • Stops a fire instantly
  • No need for a bulky fire extinguisher
  • Save your home from a raging fire
  • Easy for kids or elderly to use
  • Place in doorways to ensure safe passage
  • Simple and fast application
  • Easy and fast install
  • 5-Year Lifespan

See How The Fire Ball Can Save Your Home

The Fire Extinguisher Ball is a quick and safe fire extinguisher option that utilizes a micro gas generating system much like an airbag, to disperse a dry chemical into a fire and put it out fast. After 3-10 seconds of contact with fire, the Fire Extinguisher Ball automatically implodes, releasing a fire-retardant chemical that is toxic-free, making it safe for children and pets. Easily mount your Fire Extinguisher Ball in the kitchen, laundry room & by doorways to create a safety zone that prevents fires and allows safe passage out of the burning building.

The Fire Ball Extinguisher is safer and more effective to use than a traditional fire extinguisher. Thanks to modern science you can safely from a distance toss a Fire Ball Extinguisher into the fire and within 3-10 seconds it implodes dispersing a fire retardant chemical and eliminating the fire. Being lightweight and easy to handle even children can be taught how to use the Fire Ball Extinguisher if the emergency arises.

Where To Place

  • Kitchen
  • Workshop
  • Basement
  • Office
  • Garage
  • Near Doorways
  • High Power Outlets
  • Laundry Room
  • Vehicle
  • Cabin
  • Boat
  • RV

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